The game is pretty simple: the computer shows you one kana and you have to write it in romaji.

  • Main Window Main Window

The game can be played in two modes:

  • Infinite (without score) – This was the first version I’ve made. On that time it wasn’t a game, it was only a small program that helped me to practice. It can still be used for that purpose. You can practice with all kana or just a subset of them, configurable from the options panel.
  • With score – In this mode the program shows you a kana and  gives you a specified amount of time (less time for advanced levels) to recognize it. The faster you respond, more points you receive. If you want to play in this mode, you are constrained to use all the kana.

  • Options Panel Options Panel

The game has 10 levels, each level with 13 kana. At the end of all levels, if you have enough points you are inserted into the high score table.
As you reach higher levels, you have less time for every response, but every correct response gives you more points.