I made this program when I started to learn Japanese language. And the story starts like any other story: Once upon a time...

Once upon a time was... well... nothing. And then... it was something: an idea that was materialized in a small unfinished application created in a spring day's afternoon. And its only purpose was to help me practice the hiragana. That's all.

Well... not really all. In fact there is more.

After a short time, it become the game. I named it "Random Hiragana". At the time it contained only the Hiragana set. That was the version 1.0. But that was never released to the public. It was forgotten on a small CD and it was lost. After a short time a new game appeared from the dark. It was named "Find the Hiragana". And from that moment "Random Hiragana" was not alone any more. That was the version 2.0.

Nowadays the couple is known as "Kana Puddle" and they suffered some internal code refactoring with also some small changes visible to the player (for example the options panel.)

But the story does not stops here. The game is still under development and new versions are yet to be released.